County Commissioners

Board of County Commissioners
Taylor County is governed by the Taylor County Board of County Commissioners, and divided into five districts. One county commissioners is elected from each district. Each commissioners serves a four-year term. Commissioners are chosen in a partisan election by voters from the district in which the commission candiate lives. As
 the governing body of the County, the Board of County Commissioners performs legislative, budgetary, and policy-making functions and advocates for citizens at all levels of government.

Equally important, the Board of County Commissioners establishes the vision and sets the direction for the County government to plan for the future challenges that will face our community.
The Florida Statutes establish the specific duties and powers of the Board of County Commissioners. Exercising their legislative powers, the County Commission adopts ordinances (local laws) and resolutions to establish policies and programs and to provide public services and facilities primarily for the unincorporated areas of the county. The County Commissioners considers major problems facing the county government and guides the growth and development of the county in a manner that is consistent with the public interest.



  Jamie English (R) 2024     Jim Moody (R) 2026   Michael Newman (R) 2024
District 1 
    District 2   Vice Chairman
District 3
   member-4   logo   member-5
   Pam Feagle  (R) 2026        Thomas Demps (D) 2024
    District 4           District 5
       Mission/ Vision/ Values



The Taylor County Board of County Commissioners meets the first Monday and the third Tuesday of each month unless otherwise scheduled – see calendar for exact date and time.


Agendas, meeting minutes, Taylor County Ordinances are available from this office as well as general commission information. Some of these documents are also provided here on our web site in  PDF format.

Contact the County Administration's Office:

This office is located at 201 E. Green Street, Perry,  Florida.

LaWanda Pemberton, County Administrator

Phone: (850) 838-3500 Ext. 6

Marsha Durden, Assistant County Administrator

Phone: (850) 838-3500 Ext. 7

Contact the Commissioners:

Jamie English, Chairman – District 1 (R) (2024)
Phone: (850) 838-6766 (cell)

Jim Moody  – District 2 (R) (2022)
Phone: (850) 838-6528 


Michael Newman, Vice Chairman – District 3 (R) (2024)
Phone: (850) 295-5070 

Pam Feagle  – District 4 (R) (2022)
Phone: (850)584-3681 

Thomas Demps – District 5 (R) (2024)
Phone: (850) 838-6861