Environmental Services

3750 W. US 98
Perry, Fl. 32347
Director: Gary Wambolt

SOLID WASTE 850-838-3533
The Solid Waste section is responsible for the operation of the nine collection centers (roll-off sites) located throughout the County. These sites are primarily for Taylor County homeowners to bring their household garbage, yard waste and trash. The annual assessment for unincorporated County residents is $140.00 for the 2006-2007 fiscal year.
Commercial businesses, contractors and City of Perry residents are not permitted to use the collection centers.
To view the schedule please click here : Taylor County Roll-Off Site Schedule
Taylor County encourages all residents and businesses to recycle. Residents may bring newspapers, aluminum and “tin” cans, plastic beverage bottles and cardboard to the collection sites. Small businesses desiring to recycle cardboard may call the office to set up a schedule for pick-up.

The County has a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program. Residents may bring used motor oil, paint, pesticides and other household chemicals to the Main Office on Us 98 West. Residents who live at the Beaches or in Steinhatchee may bring these items to either of the collection centers located in those areas. We do NOT accept gasoline or diesel fuel, explosives, ammunition, flares, etc., propane tanks and liquid mercury.

Coordinator: Cheryl White
The county provides night time spraying for adult mosquitoes on an as-needed basis during the summer "season." State law requires justification for the disbusement of chemicals into the environment. Here in Taylor County, spray missions are based upon service requests from citizens. Residents can help eliminate breeding sites by making sure there is no standing water around their homes in such things as tires, old boats, wheel barrows, flower pots, etc. Also, bird baths and pet water dishes should be emptied and refilled frequently.