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Human Resources

Human Resources Director
Marcella F. Bridier, MBA, RMPE


Marcella has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Administration and a double minor in Economics and Accounting.  She has a Risk Manager for Public Entities certificate from the Insurance Institute of America.  Marcella has 20+ years of public sector experience, primarily in human resources and risk management.  For Taylor County she is a Department of 1.

Human Resources is responsible for the interpretation and implementation of federal and state laws governing all public sector employees, including

Compliance with the following federal employment laws:

  1. Family and Medical Leave Act
  2. Fair Labor Standards Act
  3. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  4. The Green Standard
  5. Affordable Care Act
  6. The Americans with Disabilities Act

Compliance with the following state employment laws:

  1. Florida Statute 119 Public Records
  2. Florida Statute 440 Workers Comp (includes Drug Free Workplace)
  3. Florida Statute 768.096 presumption against negligent hiring.
  4. Florida Statute 121 Florida Retirement System

With these employment laws in mind, Human Resources performs all hiring functions include reviewing applications, scheduling interviews and managing the hiring process.  Responsibilities include posting jobs, updating job descriptions, obtaining I9 paperwork, educating employees about FRS retirement choices, tax choices, affordable care act notifications, explaining personnel policies, pushing out 3 evaluations during the probationary period, conducting new hire orientation, coordination with Albritton Insurance for full time benefits, preparing paperwork for Finance, conducting background and reference checks, verifying driver’s licenses, coordinating drug tests for safety sensitive positions, etc.

Florida Retirement Coordinator duties include obtaining beneficiary updates due to marriages, divorces, children, death in families, etc., calculating retirement estimates and completing retirement and DROP applications.  Responsibilities include survivor coordination of benefits, generating member annual statements and managing disability applications.

Workers Compensation claims require initial reporting, coordination with Case Managers on lost time claims, obtaining medical updates, finding light duty assignments, coordination and tracking FMLA leave, calculation of 13 week Wage Statements for lost time wages and permanent impairment ratings and constant communication between the employee and the Adjusters regarding the status of open claims.

Records Management Liaison Officer duties regarding public records requires initial and timely acknowledgements, coordination with applicable Departments, calculation of invoices and redacting information for exemptions and monitoring the inspection process.

Other duties include monthly evaluations, employment verifications, contesting unemployment claims, providing phone references, vacancy advertising and recruiting, vetting volunteers and Career Source contracts are all handled by human resources.

Professional Development for management staff is coordinated by human resources with professional outside speakers and has included Discrimination training, Public Records training, Leader training and other employment law training, all at no cost to the County.

Coordination of termination and written discipline actions are overseen by human resources.

Human Resources also handles all commercial general liability and auto claims.

And finally, Human Resources prepares payroll for Finance.